Ciara has worked in sustainability for the last two decades and she has initiated/led or managed a wide variety of projects across sectors and geographies. With this comes a mixed bag of skills including being a coalition builder including being recognised for her leadership work on climate change with the business sector. She is also experienced in climate policy, research and diverse stakeholder engagement and enjoys the opportunity to be creative and work on innovative start-up projects. She is currently running and working with a great team on the Green Finance Community Hub, a project that she co-founded. This takes her full circle as one of her first jobs in sustainability was looking at the business case of socially responsible investments for a family office in Asia and working closely with the Association for Sustainable and Responsible Investment in Asia (ASrIA).


WHERE ARE YOU NOW? I’m living in Cumbria where some of my family live.

With thanks to Louise Soloway Chan

WHY ‘EDENWORKS GREEN’? Is a small UK registered company that works in an advisory capacity working on climate change and green finance projects.

I chose to call it Eden Works Green for several reasons. Starting with my work in trying to bring to Hong Kong the Eden Project to then working globally/in Asia to galvanise the faith sector around the Paris Agreement. Now in Cumbria and surrounded by the spectacular Lake District fells, keeping ‘Eden’ as part of my company name made sense. The ‘Works’ bit gets me up most mornings and the ‘Green’ is my concern for climate change as the defining issue of our time.

Tarntastic, Cumbria