With thanks to Louise Soloway Chan

Turning ideas into action, climate policy, research and building diverse relationships is important to me, as is collaboration. I have initiated/led or managed a wide variety of sustainability and climate change projects, working with large numbers of stakeholders across sectors and geographies. I am currently working on the Green Investment Plan for Cumbria, a project that I started and includes working with a fantastic team.


WHERE ARE YOU NOW? Right now, I’m living in Cumbria where some of my family live.

WHY EDENWORKS GREEN? EdenWorks for short. After working with the business sector on climate change, I tried with others to bring to Hong Kong the Eden Project. Then, I worked globally/ Asia with the faith sector around the Paris Agreement so keeping ‘Eden’ as part of my company name made sense. I enjoy working strategically across sectors and my focus is currently on sustainable finance.

CLIMATE PODCASTS: I like listening to #OutrageAndOptimism

WONDER: Mused in Mustang, awed in Cumbria and many more.

Tarntastic, Cumbria